FAO urges G20 to invest heavily on food to feed world’s growing population

UN Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) Director-General, Qu Dongyu has called on the world’s richest nations to invest more in sustainable living, to feed the world’s growing population.
In his appeal to G20 environment ministers on Thursday, the head of the UN food relief agency highlighted the challenge of having to produce more food while reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
“Today, humanity faces a triple planetary crisis of biodiversity loss, climate crisis and the impact of the pandemic,”he said. “To have healthy food, we need a healthy environment”.
The FAO chief spoke of the need to address water scarcity, which affects more than a billion people, by increasing efficiency and sustainable management.
Almost a billion hectares of rain-fed cropland and pastureland are also severely affected by recurring drought.
Qu argued that water-related challenges could be addressed through digital innovation, better oversight and investment.
He also called for stepping up biodiversity-friendly approaches, including more investments in related actions and slowing down biodiversity loss.
“Current levels of investment are highly insufficient,” the FAO director-general said.


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