Retirement is not the end of the road, it's the beginning of a new career

Salary cannot cure poverty. Salary cannot make you rich but investment can. Your salary is the bribe you are given to forget your dreams. Your experience in public service is an asset to setting up business. Register for our pre-retirement training.

Plan ahead! Don't wait till you retire to take action

The real reason that most people struggle financially after retiring is that they learn to WORK HARD for their money while in service, without understanding the principles and seasons of wealth creation that will keep them moving and growing when they would have left paid employment.

What you will learn

Stages of Planning for Retirement

Any dream you may have needs to be planned for right now. since you won’t get paid or have a regular income after you retire. And you’ll need a financial safety net to cover your regular bills and live out your golden years.

In this module, we will cover the different stages for planning for retirement.

Basic Issues of Retirement

The stage of life known as retirement has the potential to be enjoyable and meaningful. But like any significant change, there are new difficulties that could be unsettling. How can you control the expense of medical care? How can you avoid running out of money? What if you’re still owed money?

Here we look at the basic issues of Retirement and how to prepare for them.

Work Life Balance @ Retirement

Many of us spend the majority of our working years attempting to strike that precarious balance between job and family obligations. But what happens when we begin the process of entering retirement and find ourselves unexpectedly in a new routine?

The transition to retirement can be frightening. While the idea of spending hours in the garden or having time to indulge in a pastime may sound idyllic, the fact is that making the shift to retirement, or semi-retirement, can cause disruptions in the daily routine you’ve followed for years.

Introduction to Business

  • Business Opportunities @ Retirement; Seeing what others don’t see
  • Starting from Ground Zero (Business Development)
  • Parts to Entrepreneurship @ Retirement: Business Plan & Taking a 2nd Career

The phases to Progress

How do you know if you are making progress towards your retirement plan? In this module we will take a wholistic look at the phases of progress .

Revolutions of Wealth Creation and Development

A deep dive into the Revolutions of Wealth Creation and Development.

Managing your health @ Retirement

Health they say is wealth.

One of those things that people talk about but never quite achieve is retirement. We organize, plan, and have everything in order so that we can have the retirement we had envisioned when the time comes. And when it does, it can feel completely different than anything else.

If your health is poor during retirement, you might find yourself relaxing at home and visiting doctors more often than you had anticipated. The good news is that you can take care of yourself in retirement and make the most of it by doing a variety of things.

Principles of Wealth Creation

In this module, we will take a deep dive into Principles of Wealth Creation.

Many people avoid the necessary planning procedure to make sure they have enough money for retirement because they want whatever they want now and will pay for it afterwards. It’s never too late to organize your money, so this needn’t be the case.

Experience has shown me that many people don’t give the “rules of wealth development” enough time or consideration. They assume they don’t need to pay them the attention they merit because they already comprehend them.

Why some People Remain Poor

Anyone can become wealthy if they believe, has been overused. Most proponents of the notion that everyone can become wealthy typically claim as much because it sounds good.

True, not everyone had the same possibilities when they were born. A successful life is more likely to come naturally to someone who was born into an affluent household. In actuality, the only distinction between those who ascend from the bottom and those who stay there is how they see money.
Consequently, we may conclude that the issue is not a lack of chances but rather how individuals choose to see the concepts of success and earning money.

In this module, we will look at some causes of poverty and how to overcome them.

Building, Maintaining and Promoting your business online

Do you want to learn how to create and run a successful internet business? It can be challenging to know where to begin if you’re a novice because there are many factors that go into starting a business.

We’ll look at how to start and run your business online in this module.

Expository Learning

Get exposure to some business opportunities in the country

Legal Preparation towards Retirement

In this module we will look into legal preparation towards retirement