Dip in importation reduces Apapa gridlock

Mr Abdulhai Inua Mohammed, former Vice chairman, National Association of Road Transport Owners (NARTO), has, attributed the reduction of gridlock on Apapa port access roads to declining importation.
Mohammed in Lagos on Friday dismissed claims that the reduction of the gridlock was due to the e-call-up system of the Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA).
According to Mohammed, the reduction of gridlock is not on all the port access roads, as the TinCan Island axis remains a nightmare to commuters.
“We can say that the gridlock has reduced but the true situation is that importation has reduced drastically, and yes traffic has reduced in some areas but in other areas, it is still a nightmare.
“I will like the authorities to go towards the Tincan axis, from mile 2 to Tincan to see what is happening in that axis.
“Some of the truck owners have packed their trucks because of some of the irregularities that take place in some areas,” he said.
He noted that some truckers evaded the e-call-up system because a syndicate helped them in the night, and this happened mostly within the TinCan axis where the exit gate is used to allow trucks in.


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