Fertiliser firm votes N42m for blending plants in three Nigerian states

Phosphate-based fertiliser producer, OCP Africa Fertilisers Nigeria Limited (OCP Africa), has voted $42.4 million to build blending plants.
The mega fertiliser blending plants are to be located in Sokoto, Kaduna and Ogun states, all in Nigeria.
Mr. Caleb Usoh, the Country Manager, OCP Africa Fertilisers Nigeria, said also that the Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium (NPK) blending plant in Kaduna cost $13.4 million.
The Kaduna plant has facilities to produce an estimated capacity of 120 metric tonnes per hour.
Earlier, the United States International Agency for Development (USAID)-funded West Africa Trade & Investment Hub (Trade Hub) had awarded a $1.4 million co-investment grant to OCP Africa Fertilisers Nigeria Limited (OCP Africa) to install modern blending equipment within its Kaduna fertiliser blending plant.
Speaking at a Farmers’ Forum in Abuja, Usoh said the mega fertiliser blending plants will contribute additional 500, 000 metric tonnes of NPK fertiliser to the national production capacity.


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