Firm partners with NARTO, drivers’ union on gas usage

The Gas Aggregation Company of Nigeria (GACN) is partnering with the National Association of Road Transport Owners (NARTO) and Petroleum Tanker Drivers Union on how to maximise the benefits of gas in the country.
Mr Olalekan Ogunleye, Managing Director of GACN during a visit to NARTO office in Abuja on Thursday, said the benefits of deepening gas usage could not be overemphasised.
Ogunleye said GACN would organise a forum and exhibition in Kano on July 29 to sensitise Nigerians on ways in which gas would be beneficial to them.
“As an industry we are happy to engage with you, address your concerns and demonstrate how you can benefit from gas.
“What we have in mind is to have a small working team with you, who will look at the benefit in cost, maintenance and lifespan of the vehicle, the cost implication and the alternatives.
“We need to have data from you, we need to demonstrate that there is a national logistics platform for trucks on transit and intimate you on the pros and cons of the funding options among other things.
“Our major deliverable for this meeting is to introduce this concept and to seek your support in setting up a working team which will then go into details and address all the issues,’’ he said.
According to Ogunleye, GACN is set up intentionally by government as a not for profit company, with an annual budget paid by buyers and sellers of gas.
He said the mandate of the organisation was to expand the use of gas in Nigeria.


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