Free Zone Consulting

The Free Zone Consortium is a Free Zone/Special Economic Zones consulting group with vast knowledge and expertise in Free Zone/SEZ operation, management, trade promotion, research, strategic planning and Business clusters.

We are a team of consultants trusted in Free Zones consulting, mentoring and training, and pride ourselves on leveraging the best practices in Free Zones operations. We have passion for excellence and operates under the highest of business and ethical standards.

TFZC is offering relatively new service to Free Zones Stakeholders in West Africa towards bringing Free Zone operations into the bedrock of African Continental Free Trade Agreement (AFCTA). The consortium provides Management Services and full range of guide of taking the Free Zone operation to maturity.

We are group of experienced Free Zone and Management consultants with rich library of Free Zone materials powered by World FZO. We audit operation and conduct Need Assessments before offering our services fueled by the purpose of the place of Free Zones in the AFCTA.

Our approach embodies who we are. A team of solvers coming together in
unexpected ways to deliver outcomes for Free Zones in West Africa, their investors, communities and opinion leaders in government which makes a positive and enduring impact right across the value chain.

We strive to ensure that policy and decision makers, as well as government agencies, understand the significance and economic impact of free-trade zones.


We are actively involved in advocacy missions to ensure that the interests of the free trade zone community are effectively represented, recognized, and advanced through practical application of international trade policies and regulations to achieve maximum simplicity and effectiveness for the FTZ/SEZ
operation/management. We operate within Africa.

We strive to ensure that policy and decision makers, as well as government agencies, understand the significance of local and national economic impact of free-trade zones. When and where necessary, we provide quality education on FTZ programme through workshops and trainings, also provide valuable information that can help drive the establishment of industry best practices including compliance.

Our training courses provide the skills that staff of Free Zones and stakeholders need to develop their competencies, improve their performances and drive to achieving the business success. Our talented team of international instructors has exceptional credentials with real-life practical experience. Our clients’ need drive the development of every training course and workshop we design and conduct. The latest trend and best-in-class practices is what we mould our content with.

OUR FREE ZONE CONSULTING is a unique blend of international trade related services to Free Zones and Special Economic Zones Stakeholders and governments at all levels, focusing on the development and management of Free Trade Zones and industrial clusters. We understand international trade problems, and our services are designed to help the local and international trade community sort those complexities.

We offer qualitative and quantitative research methods through our networks in AFZA, WFZO, WFZC. Our services entail FTZ feasibility study, activation, strategic marketing and zones development & management /regulatory compliance.

We have the expertise and depth of experience to help guide our clients in cost consulting solutions, with efficiency and expediency in mind.
In the Free Zone industry, we are reliable and cost effective. With our wealth of Public Service knowledge, we are effectively structured to serve Government, its agencies and the private sector.

Our Free Trade Zone Services can be customized to meet your
company’s specific needs:

  • Zone Project Applications
  • FTZ Management & Operational Training and Retreat
  • Feasibility Study/ Analysis Report
  • Activation, Zone Schedules / Tariffs
  • Customs Services and free zones symbiosis training
  • Operational manual development and its training
  • Zone Strategic Marketing / Promotion.
  • Subzone and Expansion Applications
  • Non Financial Annual Report
  • Customs Annual Reconciliation/ Systems Review
  • Zone-to-Zone Transfer Set-Up Audits/Spot Checks; Guide on monitoring & Evaluation
  • Advocacy; We speak for the zones
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We leverage our experience, knowledge and expertise to solve business complexities.

Carlcon is an invaluable partner. Our teams have collaborated to support the growing field of practitioners using collective impact.

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Chairman, Bluewater Corp

We leverage our experience, knowledge and expertise to solve business complexities